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Project: AlphaKanji

I'm interested in learning Japanese. I've been engaged in that for years - on and off. One of the reasons it has taken so long is that there hasn't been a reliable and simple way to look kanji up in a dictionary.

So I developed my own system.

Recent posts

Project: Physical

For a number of reasons, I wish to active. It ties in to remaining fit and healthy. It leads into interesting experiences. It may lead to a long life.  I could go on.

Especially now that I'm over 60, I feel the need to become methodical about the physical activities that I engage in.

Project: Music

There's music I grew up with that inspires and moves me. One of my projects has been to list and rank the top 1000 songs that had (and have) the most impact. Here they are.

Project: Dr Gabor Mate

Biopsychosociological approach

At the 39 minute mark  of this talk Gabor gives the things people need for positive health. from 18:35 is a great starting point - the child rearing habits of hunter-gatherer tribes. 3 things they do that we don't.

Start by taking notes of

"Very few children are allowed the luxury of both being in a relationship and being authentic."

Project: Letter formation

Learners of English may need help forming the letters of the English alphabet. I feel that two things a needed: drilling and progression.


Project: Wim Hof method

I'd like to explore this sometime in the future.

Project: Metaphysics

My original project, probably. Engaged in since the age of maybe 4. I've had several cracks at it, so I'm going to have to tidy up the various versions found floating about.

The most up-to-date is probably 10,000 Cracks at Enlightenment. But stay tuned . . .